Adapting to the present climate change scenario requires innovative ways to monitor, investigate, analyse and interpret the results obtained after probing atmosphere with the help of modern research facilities.

About Us

In many ways, scientists provide their invaluable recommendations mainly through research papers and books to the community; however, there still exists a gap in the rapid adaptation of such requests, mainly due to the need for more communication between scientists, engineers, students, government and public.


ClimeBot Weather Station (CWS)

Low cost, Internet of Things enabled automatic weather station to monitor weather 24/7

We aid humankind from weather vulnerabilities by installing innovative and cost-effective weather monitoring devices such as Weather Stations, Air Pollution Monitors, Land-slide Early Detection Devices and localized Weather forecasts by conducting localized research activities.


Services to educational institutions:

A dedicated device to monitor weather parameters around the premise of the concerned institute. The data are essential for research studies. Students and faculty members of the institute can access the history of data. However, the public can access LIVE data only.